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1 1977 Annual Book of ASTM Standards
2 A Text Book Of Geology P.K. Mukerjee
3 A Treatise On Ceramic Industries E.Bourry
4 Abrasives Springer-Verlag
5 Advance Processing Of Ceramic Compounds William.L. Frankhouser
6 Alumina Chemicals L.D.Hart
7 Alumina Processing & Properties E.Dorre
8 An Introduction to Material Science and Engineering Ralls, Wulff, Courtney
9 Better Cermaics Through Chemistry-Ii Jeffrey Brinker
10 Brick And Tile Making-15a Willi Bender, Frank Handle
11 Brick And Tile Making-Vol 15b Willi Bender, Frank Handle
12 Ceramic Fabrication Processes- Vol 25.1 W.D.Kingery
13 Ceramic Fabrication Processes-Vol 25.2 W.D.Kingery
14 Ceramic Fabrication Processess Franklin F.Y.Wang
15 Ceramic Glaze Technology J.R.Taylor&C.Bull
16 Ceramic Materials Roman Pampuch
17 Ceramic Materials For Advance Heat Engines Dc.Larsen,.J.W.Adams
18 Ceramic Microstructures William E.Lee D Phil
19 Ceramic Microstructures Rocjard M.Fulrath Joseph A. Pask
20 Ceramic Precursor Technology & Its Applications Chaitanya K.Narula
21 Ceramic Processing Before Firing Georgy Y.Onada
22 Ceramic Transaction (I-44)
23 Ceramics & Glasses Vol 1
24 Ceramics & Glasses Vol 2
25 Ceramics Are Forever B.C.Sharma
26 Ceramics Drying Vol-23 R.W.Rord
27 Ceramics Manual Graham Flight
28 Ceramics Power Science Iii-(I 42a) Gray.L. Messing
29 Ceramics Power Science Iii-(I 42a2)
30 Ceramics Power Science Iii-(I 42b) Gray.L. Messing
31 Ceramics, Powders, Corosinon, Advanced Processing
32 Ceramics, Powders, Corrosion, Advanced Processing Vol2
33 Ceramnic Manual
34 Characterization Of Ceramics Ronald.E.Loehman
35 Chemical Analysis Of Ceramic And Allied Materials S.Dasgupta S.K.Toy
36 Chemical Processing Of Ceramics
37 Clays And Ceramic Raw Materials (Vol 20.2) W.E.Worrall
38 Coated Abrasives
39 Compostable Polymer Materials Ewa Rudnik
40 Controlled Particle, Droplets & Bubble Formation David J.Wedkicj
41 Corrosion Resistance Of Ceramic Materials
42 Cutting Tools R.Edwards
43 Development Of Ceramic Matrix Composites-Advanced Heat Engine Program Cte Laboratories
44 Development Of Improved Processing Methods For High Reliability Structural Ceramics-Advanced Heat Engines Cte Laboratories
45 Diffusion In Solids Paul G. Shewmon
46 Documentation List On Glass And Ceramics (Vol-1) Cgcri
47 Documentation List On Glass And Ceramics (Vol-2) Cgcri
48 Documentation List On Glass And Ceramics (Vol-3) Cgcri
49 Documentation List On Glass And Ceramics (Vol-4) Cgcri
50 Effect Of Transuliucence Of Engineering Ceramics On Heat Transfer In Desel Engines Integral Technologies
51 Electro Ceramics Moulson & Herbert
52 Electro Ceramics (I-75) Moulson & Herbert
53 Elements Of Ceramic Science (Vol-1) Ganguli&Kumar
54 Elements Of Ceramic Science (Vol-2) Ganguli&Kumar
55 Elements Of Ceramics F.H.Norton
56 Encyclopedia Of Glass, Ceramics & Cements Nartin Grayson
57 Engineered Materials
58 Fiber Reinforced Ceramic Composites K.S.Mazdiyasni
59 Fine Cermics Shinroku Satio
60 Fly Ash & Coal Conversion By Products
61 Fratography Mechanics Of Cermamics R.C.Bradt
62 Fratography Of Ceramic &Metal Failures
63 From Technology Through Machinery To Kilns
64 Fuel Cells G.J.Young
65 Fundamentals Of Cermic Engineering P.Vincenzini
66 Fundamentals Of Inorganic Membrane Science & Technology A.J. Byrggraaf
67 Furnaces
68 Glass & Glass Ceramics M.H.Lewis
69 Glass Composition & Design Fay.V.Tooley
70 Glass Engineering Handbook George W.Mcllen
71 Glazing & Decoratin Of Ceramic Tiles Vari
72 Grinding Technology S.Malkin
73 Handbook Of Poluster Molding Compounds Raymond Meyer
74 Health & Safety In Ceramics
75 Heat Process In Glass & Silicate Technology V.Afanasyev
76 High Pressure Explosive Processing Of Ceramics R.A.Graham
77 High Proformance Ceramics Subbharao
78 High Tech Ceramics Gernot Kostorz
79 High Temperature Structural Materials R.W.Cahn
80 India's Minerals Sources S.Krishnaswamy
81 Industrial Abrasive Materals M.J.Collie
82 Industrial Abrasive Materials & Compositions (Vol 84.1) M.J. Collie
83 Industrial Ceramics
84 Industrial Minerals (27.1) R.K.Sinha
85 Industrial Minerals (27.2) R.K.Sinha
86 Industrial Safety Handbook William Handley
87 Industrial To Proniciple Of Cermaic Processing James Reed
88 Industroduction To Principles Of Ceramic Processing James S.Reed
89 International Encyclopedia Of Composites (1.1) Stuart M.Lee
90 International Encyclopedia Of Composites (1.2) Stuart M.Lee
91 International Encyclopedia Of Composites (1.3) Stuart M.Lee
92 International Encyclopedia Of Composites (1.4) Stuart M.Lee
93 International Encyclopedia Of Composites (1.5) Stuart M.Lee
94 International Encyclopedia Of Composites (1.6) Stuart M.Lee
95 Intoduction to Material Science for Engineers Shackelford, Muralidhara
96 Introduction To Ceramics W.D.Kingery
97 Introduction To Ceramics W.D.Kingery H.K.Bowen D.R.Uhlmann
98 Introduction To Ceramics-Properties
99 Introduction To Engineering Materials G.T.Murray
100 Introduction To Industrial Minerals D.A.C.Manning
101 Introduction To Phase Equilibria In Ceramic Systems Floyd.A.Hummel
102 Materials Research & Engineering B.Ilschner
103 Materials Research & Engineering V.Raghavan
104 Materials Science & Engineering G.S.Upadhyaya, Anish Upadhyaya
105 Mechanical Behaviour Of Ceramics R.W.Davdge
106 Mechanics of Materials James.M.Gere
107 Mixing In The Process Industries N.Harnby
108 Modern Ceramic Engineering David W.Richerson
109 Modern Grinding Process Technology G.Salmon
110 Modern Pottery Manufacture H.N.Bose
111 Modern Refractory Parctice
112 Modern Refractory Parctice 11.1
113 Modern Refractory Parctice 11.2
114 Mullite
115 Mullite And Mullite Ceramics Rahman
116 Nano - The Essentials Pradeep
117 Nitrogen Ceramics F.L.Riley
118 Operating The Tunnel Kiln J.T.Robson
119 Optical Microscopy Of Materials R.Haynes
120 Perry's Chemical Engineering Handbook
121 Phase Diagram For Ceramists Margie K.Reser
122 Predective Process Control Of Crowded Particulate Suspensions James E.Funk
123 Problems in Mathematical Analysis B.Demidovich
124 Properties Of Ceramic Raw Materials W.Ryan
125 Properties Of Ceramic Rawmaterials F.Singer& S.Singer
126 Referectories Chester
127 Refractories For Iron & Steel Making Chester
128 Refractories Manufacture Properties & Applications Rashid Chesti
129 Sintering Of Advance Ceramics Carol A.Handwerker
130 Solid State Physics R.Asokamani
131 Special Ceramics P.Popper
132 Specialty Cements With Advanced Properties Barry E.Scheetz
133 Strenthening Of Ceramics Henry P.Kirchner
134 Studies On Synthesis, Characterisation & Application Of Mullite Ceramics V. Viswabaskaran
135 Superfine Particle Technology
136 Surface Engineering - Process, Fundamentals and Applications
137 Synthesis & Processing Of Ceramics Wendell E.Rhine
138 Technology Of Monolithic Refraactories
139 Textbook of Organic Chemistry P.L.Soni
140 The Chemistry & Physics Of Clays (24.1) Rex W.Grimshaw
141 The Chemistry & Physics Of Clays (24.2) Rex W.Grimshaw
142 The Handbook Of Glass Manufacturing (Vol 2) Fay.V.Tooley
143 The Science and Engineering of Materials Donald Askeland, Pradeep
144 The Sodium Sulphur Battery J.L.Sudworth
145 The Technology Of Glass & Ceramics Jan Hlavac
146 Thermistors E.D.Macklen
147 Tribology: Efiction & Wear Of Engineering Materials I.M.Hutchings
148 Ultrastructure Processing Of Advance Ceramics John.D.Mackenzie
149 White Wares Production & Quality Control W.Ryan